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Re: Loud music

Please add in your list of emotional of hearing:
"bad emotions about music compression and lack of harmonics"

General answer from the companies of music and hearing aid systems is that "younger people" (not against your age James) are already adapted on these compressions, 3D sounds etc. and others are just too old to accept.
Are there any comparable statistics about the acceptance of MP3 sounds related to age?

Well, let's see.  One of the creators of MP3, for instance (that would be me) thinks that a lot of the codecs are seriously outdated, and the "swirlies" drive me nuts. I am quite sure that when I teach some youngster how to hear them, suddenly they hate them with a passion.  Ditto the 'essing' due to hypercompression, multiband compression, etc.
"adapted" in this case would be a very high-level adaptation, and one that seems quite fleeting, given the proper exposure to less hypercompression, less low-rate coding (I'm not talking about 160kb/s stereo AAC or DTS, or WMA Pro here, please, but the "low rate" extensions) in a setting that teaches them what it was intended to sound like. Many people think 'oh, that's bright!' until they learn what else it is. Then "thud". Down goes the rating.
So, any adaptation you're talking about is not an "adaptation", it is a preference, and it is one that is distinctly REVERSABLE with training or experience.
This is much like the original MP3 stuff, where we heard "oh, 64 kb/s is PERFECT" (referring to stereo). Now, the same listeners can't stand 192kb/s, because they have LEARNED THE ARTIFACTS.
Taking people with less experience and asking them for preference is, of course, always a valid thing to do, but bear in mind that the same people will learn with experience.
What I find telling in this group is that at the same time you're telling me, in effect, that I'm a pointless old fogie, most of the people here are dissing rock music and seem to like Bach, never mind things like F&F in C were that day's version of Rock Music.
I think I'll dig up some Led Zep, and play it now. One old guy checking out of email, and "bring it on home".
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