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Re: Pink music

On 27 Sep 2010 at 9:39, Stephane Laurent Bungener wrote:

> Hi,
> Would any of you be able to help me in identifying tracks
> with a pinkish frequency spectrum? (Please no jokes on 
> artist Pink)
> From what I've read, this is the best type of music for
> testing the overall performance of speaker and headphone
> systems.


I don't have any music tracks to offer, but you can 
download my Daqarta software and generate real-time pink 
noise on Windows using your sound card.   

When Daqarta starts, there will be a Generator dialog panel 
to the right of the display area.  Click on the left 
"Waveform Controls" button, near the middle of the dialog. 
Near the top of the dialog that opens, click on "Wave", 
then click on "Pink" near the bottom of that dialog.  
Finally, click on the "Generator" button in the main 
toolbar above the display area.  Since this is your first 
use of Daqarta, a warning message about loud volumes will 
appear, along with a volume slider dialog. Start out with 
the sliders set very low, and click OK on the warning.  

The display will show the waveform of the sound that is 
being generated.  Click on the "Spectrum" button in the 
toolbar to see the spectrum, or "Sgram/PT" to see the 
spectrogram.  There are also options to measure energy 
between cursors, to plot amplitude histograms, and many 

After 30 sessions or 30 days the trial period expires, but 
that only affects inputs and a few other features.  You 
don't need any of those to do the above, which only 
involves output generation, so you can keep on using 
Daqarta as long as you like.  

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Bob Masta
            D A Q A R T A
Data AcQuisition And Real-Time Analysis
Scope, Spectrum, Spectrogram, Signal Generator
    Science with your sound card!