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Re: KayPentax Disordered Voice Database


I just looked over the Kay Database CD and it only has a few laryngectomy speakers (2-3 with total laryngectomy; ~5 hemilaryngectomy). However, the disk that I have is fairly old (it's from Kay Elemetrics, before Kay was purchased by Pentax) and I am not sure if they have added anything to the database more recently.


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I am working on the evaluation and restoration of alaryngeal voices, in 
particular laryngectomized voices.

I came across several references to the "KayPentax Disordered Voice 
Database" (also called MEEI database). Does anyone know whether this 
database contains useful material for research on this particular type 
of pathological voices and how to obtain it? The website of the producer 
(KayPentax) does not provide much information regarding this.

For any help I am very thankful!

Best regards,
Olaf Schleusing