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Re: New Textbook "Auditory Neuroscience"

Further to my earlier message, please note that there seems to be a
technical glitch with the discount code for the book. I will let you
know when that is fixed.

Apologies and best regards,


On 2 November 2010 09:25, Jan Schnupp <jan.schnupp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dear List,
> I am pleased to announce that MIT Press will be launching a new
> textbook which is likely to be of interest to list members at the
> upcoming Society for Neuroscience Conference in San Diego (Nov
> 13-17).. It is entitled
> "Auditory Neuroscience - Making Sense of Sound"
> The book, authored by Eli Nelken, Andy King and yours truly, aims to
> provide a highly readable and up to date synopsis of hearing research
> that is suitable as a textbook for a 2nd year undergraduate course in
> neuroscience, psychology or audiology, or for self study by graduates
> or researchers who are entering the field of hearing research from
> other disciplines and need to get a quick, integrated overview. Its
> eight chapters cover the following topics:
> fundamentals of acoustics and signal processing,
> neurobiology of the ear,
> psychology and physiology of pitch perception,
> neural processing of vocalizations and speech,
> spatial hearing,
> auditory scene analysis,
> development & plasticity of the auditory system,
> hearing aids and cochlear implants.
> We will be basing an Auditory Neuroscience course module as part of
> our new neuroscience undergraduate degree at Oxford on this book.
> A web site with multimedia content to accompany the book is nearing
> completion at
> http://auditoryneuroscience.com
> The book is available to pre-order at a 30% discount from the MIT web
> site http://mitpress.mit.edu/catalog/item/default.asp?ttype=2&tid=12292
> To get a 30% discount, enter discount code
> M0388
> This code is valid until mid December 2010 only.
> Prof Shihab Shamma had the following nice things to say about this new book:
> "This book is unique in its elegant unification of a broad view of the
> fundamentals of hearing with a highly sophisticated account of the
> current state of auditory neuroscience. Each chapter is a
> self-contained, coherent, and comprehensive account of a major
> attribute or function of hearing that takes the reader through an
> exciting journey of discovery, beginning with basic definitions and
> ending with a balanced critique of the diverse opinions and ideas that
> are typical of a lively field of investigation. In such a scientific
> endeavor, this book is a valuable guide for the novice and the expert
> alike."
> Best wishes,
> Jan
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> Dr Jan Schnupp
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Dr Jan Schnupp
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