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Associate professor in Communication Acoustics and Audiology, Technical University of Denmark

Associate professor in Communication Acoustics and Audiology, Technical University of Denmark

The department of Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) offers a position as associate professor within the area of communication acoustics and audiology (see http://www.dtu.dk/English/About_DTU/vacancies.aspx?page=2).

Research and education are integrated in the activities of the internationally recognized Centre for Applied Hearing Research (CAHR). The vacant position is to be filled as soon as possible. Candidates must be able to demonstrate a solid scientific knowledge and research experience in at least one, and some experience in another of the following areas: 

· Auditory signal processing and perception 
· Audio/speech signal processing technology, such as audio coding,
  hearing aids, or automatic speech recognition
· Development of computational models of auditory and speech processing
· Subjective and objective room acoustics analysis and auditory
  processing of reverberant sounds
· Advanced measurement techniques and acoustic signal processing

The successful candidate shall participate in both the fundamental and advanced educations in cooperation with the other scientific staff, and the candidate must contribute actively to the theoretical and experimental research within the Centre. Candidates should have a master's degree in engineering, or a similar degree, and academic qualifications equivalent to those obtained by holding an assistant professorship.

Further information may be obtained from Torsten Dau, head of the Centre for Applied Hearing Research, DTU-Elektro, phone +45 4525 3936 or tdau@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The application with enclosures in triplicate must be received no later than 10. January 2011 at 12.00.

Best regards,

Torsten Dau

Torsten Dau 
Professor, Head of Centre 
Centre for Applied Hearing Research 
DTU Elektro - Hearing Systems Group
Technical University of Denmark
Department of Electrical Engineering 
Ørsteds Plads, Building 352
2800  Lyngby 
Direct +45 4525 3936