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Call for papers reminder: 130th Audio Engineering Society Convention, London, May 2011

Audio Engineering Society 130th Convention
Call for papers
London, May 13 - May 16, 2011

The AES 130th Convention Committee invites submission of technical papers for presentation at the 2011 May 13 to 16 meeting in London. By Jan. 5th, a proposed title, 60- to 120-word abstract, and 500- to 750-word précis of the paper must be submitted to the AES 130th proposal submission site at www.aes.org/130th_authors . Acceptance of proposed papers will be determined by a peer-review committee based on an assessment of the abstract and précis. The précis must clearly describe the work performed, methods employed, conclusions, and significance of the paper with respect to other published work in the field.

Proposed topics for papers include but are not limited to:
Audio content management (archiving, information retrieval...)
Perception (hearing, psychoacoustics, speech intelligibility...)
Recording, Production, and Reproduction (live sound, mixing, spatial audio...)
Audio Processing (analysis and synthesis, coding...)
Audio Equipment (microphones, loudspeakers, measurement, data formats...)
Applications in Audio (games, broadcast, forensics, education...)
Emerging Audio Technologies (interactive sound, new interfaces, semantics...)
Submission schedule
Proposal deadline: 2011 January 5
Acceptance emailed: 2011 February 2
Paper deadline: 2011 March 10
If you have any questions contact 130th_papers@xxxxxxx