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Signals and Systems in Speech and Hearing, 2nd edition

Peter Howell and I are pleased to announce that, just about exactly 20 years after its first appearance, a new edition of 'Signals and Systems in Speech and Hearing' has appeared. This book aims to present the essentials of signals and systems analysis required by audiologists, phoneticians, speech and language therapists and psychologists interested in almost any aspect of speech and hearing. It will also be of use to people working in acoustic aspects of animal communication.

Although much of the main thrust of the book remains unchanged (no modifications to Fourier's theorem have appeared recently!), many changes have been made to reflect the nearly total reliance in the field now concerning digital means for the recording, manipulation, storage and transmission of signals.

This is most strongly reflected in two chapters. Chapter 11, dealing with spectrograms, has been much extended and describes the two different ways in which spectrograms can be constructed – through filter banks and time windowing – and the relationship between them. Chapter 14, dealing explicitly with digital signals and systems, has been expanded greatly to give concrete examples of digital systems and digital signal processing, including the notion of infinite impulse response (IIR) and finite impulse response (FIR) filters.

Finally, more in response to our teaching experience than any change in instrumentation, Chapter 12 now focuses on the notion of the auditory periphery as a set of systems, showing how its function is analogous to that of making a spectrogram.

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I have used this book for some years now in a basic course aimed mostly at audiologists, the details of which can be found here:

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