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Acoustics 2012, Hong Kong - Special Session

First Announcement
Proposed Special Session, the 163rd Meeting of the Acoustical Society
of America, Hong Kong

Dear Colleagues,
The 163rd Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America will be held in
Hong Kong, between 14-18 May 2012. A special session, to be
co-sponsored by the Technical Committees on Architectural Acoustics
and Psychological and Physiological Acoustics, has been proposed and
is tentatively titled:

Auditory Psychophysics in Rooms

The session concept is to join Psychological and Physiological
researchers with Architectural Acoustic researchers and practitioners
to discuss how the work of each influences, and is applied by, the
other. Research and application of common topics like masking, speech
transmission and intelligibility, spatial hearing, and scene analysis
will be presented.  This session is an opportunity to come together
and discuss different points of view.

The session will be structured around a list of topics common to our
fields including but not limited to: source width, envelopment,
distance perception, localization, loudness, noise, reverberance,
scene analysis, speech intelligibility, and room synthesis. The
proposed format is for pairs of researchers, from different research
backgrounds, to present talks about current work on each topic. An
alternative format to the standard ASA session is under consideration
that may include two 10 minute talks followed by 10-20 minutes of
panel discussion on the topic.  Please email Philip Robinson:
philrob22@xxxxxxxxx with a potential topic or paper title if you are
interested in participating in this session.

Philip W. Robinson
Graduate Program in Architectural Acoustics
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Phone: (617) 297-7445
Email: philrob22@xxxxxxxxx

Barbara G. Shinn-Cunningham
Department of Cognitive and Neural Systems
Boston University
Phone: (617) 353-5764
Email: shinn@xxxxxxxxxx