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Re: Equal loudness contour filter

The curve would change based upon the amplitude of the acoustical signal.


Headphones might be easier to adjust for, than loudspeakers, as you will have control over one of the acoustical parameters, room resonances.


On 2011, Jan 18, at 8:21 PM, Imran Dhamani wrote:

Dear List,
              Happy New Year to all. I am designing a test in which there are pure-tones stringed together with each other in the range of 100-500 Hz (15 logarithmic steps). The reference tone is always 100 Hz and the variable tone is in the specified range. My main intention is to assess the perception of the pattern/rhythm of these sequences based on just the pitch/frequency cues but the difficulty that i have is there are additional loudness cues involved as i am dealing with a range of different frequencies. As i am designing this test for children it will be very difficult for me to do a loudness balance task to equalize loudness. I was wondering if there is a possibility that i can use a equal loudness contour based filter to filter the tones as to equalize the loudness. It will be a great help if i anyone can share any information or if can get such a filter.

Thanks in anticipation,
Imran Dhamani
PhD. student
Macquarie University,

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