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ICAD 2011 Conference -- Call for Participation

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JUNE 20-24, 2011 

(Please note the updated deadlines below!)  

URL for conference: http://icad2011.com/

URL for the community: http://www.icad.org/

ICAD is an interdisciplinary conference with relevance to researchers, practitioners, artists, and students working in the use of sound to convey information and ideas. The conference is unique in its specific focus on auditory displays and the range of interdisciplinary issues related to their use. ICAD 2011 will be a single-track conference, open to everybody, with no membership or affiliation requirements.

ICAD 2011 invites the submission of new work and developments in all areas of interest to those who work with sound as a medium for conveying information and ideas. The conference emphasizes the concerns shared by those who work primarily with informational and affective aspects of sound including sonification of data and processes, synthetic and composed sound, musical sound, natural sound, and all issues related to interaction with sound, specifically, how it is presented to, and apprehended by, listeners. Thus, submissions are sought on topics that extend from basic research in auditory display, to application domains in the arts and sciences, mobile applications, accessibility, audio technology, information and communications technology, computer games, engineering analysis, medicine, and more.

Each year we aim to attract a wide variety of researchers and practitioners to the ICAD community who work in fields that are concerned with and/or related to computationally based, informational uses of sound. Thus, in addition to ICAD's core interests, we hope to attract submissions from composers and artists who use sonification, acoustic synthesis, spatialization, and/or interaction techniques for composition and performance purposes. Although we fully intend to maintain ICAD's primary emphasis on the use of sound as information, we specifically want to encourage a wider and more collaborative dialogue between practitioners with disparate objectives in auditory display.

This year's conference also will have an âaural submissionâ category for sonifications and aural compositions that employ computational auditory display techniques. It is intended that submissions in this category will be presented as part of the oral sessions.

Key Dates

Submission Deadline for Papers, Posters, and Aural Categories 28 February 2011

Acceptance Notification (Papers, etc.) 30 March 2011

Camera-Ready Submissions Deadline, Aural and Sonfication Contest Submission 15 May 2011

ICAD 2011 20-24 June 2011


Theme and Topics for ICAD 2011 - Topics include, but are not limited to:

3D and Spatial Audio
Aesthetics, Philosophy, and Culture of Auditory Displays
Auditory Scene Design
Design Theory and Methods
Evaluation and Usability
Human Factors and Interaction
Mappings from Data to Sound
Psychology, Cognition, Perception, and Psychoacoustics
Sonification and Exploration of Data through Sound
Sound as Art
Technologies and Tools

Please see the conference web page for details on Paper, Poster, Workshop, Concert, and other formats.