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FINAL CALL FOR PAPERS IMRF2011 (Deadline extension, Final)

 You are cordially invited to submit your paper/poster to International
 Multisensory Research Forum IMRF 2011 conference 4-8th June 2011
 Sendai, Japan.
 We extend the deadline of abstract submission according to many
Final Abstract Deadline: 18th of March 2011 (GMT)

About the IMRF:
 The International Multisensory Research Forum (IMRF) fosters research
 in areas where more than one sensory modality play a role. Our
 interests include, but are not limited to, mathematical psychology,
 psychophysics, neurophysiology and anatomy, development, neuroimaging,
 and application development. The 2011 IMRF conference in Sendai will
 follow the structure of our successful previous meetings. We will
 offer a single stream of oral presentations, either in structured
 symposia or as conference submission presentations, and poster
 presentations. Authors will have the opportunity to submit their work
 to a special edition on multisensory processing in iPerception that is
 scheduled to appear in 2012.

 We have scheduled six themed symposia on:
1. The adaptation of multisensory time
2. Multi-sensory integration, Sensory substitution technology and
Visual rehabilitation
3. Audiovisual interaction: How early does it occur?
4. Effects of proprioceptive and vestibular processing on visual
5. Multisensory integration from neurons to behavior: bridging the gap
via computational models
6. The influences of Multisensory Integration and Attention on Each

 Prof. Beatrice de Gelder (Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences,
    Tilburg University, the Netherlands)
 Prof. Norihiro Sadato (Division of Cerebral Integration,
    National Institutes of Natural Sciences, Japan)
 Prof. Mel Slater (ICREA-University of Barcelona, Spain)

Abstract submission and registration:
 Abstracts (max length: 200 words) will be peer reviewed and made
 available for the conference. The submission deadline is the 18th of
 March, 2011. Presenters are encouraged to upload additional material,
 such as presentations, data, demonstration etc. to the IMRF web
 site. This data will be available during and after the conference.
 Abstract submission and registration details are here:

We look forward to hearing from you.

SUZUKI, YÃiti (General Chairperson, yoh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
ANDO, Hiroshi (Science Chairperson, h-ando@xxxxxxxxxx)
IMRF 2011
Tohoku University
Sendai, Japan
June 4-8, 2011

NTT Communication Science Laboratories, Japan