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Re: Singing repositories available & bit depth/sample rate advices

Not sure about your description of "a cappella".  Yes, it is singing unaccompanied; however, your follow up that they "can hear what is supposed to be sung BEFORE they actually do it"?  This sounds like 'sight reading', i.e., the ability to sing the notes of a song whilst reading the notes for the first time.  This is entirely possible in singers with excellent relative, or even better, absolute pitch, but I'm pretty sure this is not what you're referring to?


On 4 Mar 2011, at 22:06, Coralie Vincent wrote:

> Hello Alexey,
> Thank you for your fast answer.
> By "a cappella solo voice", I mean: when a singer sings without any accompaniment (participants can hear what is supposed to be sung BEFORE they actually do it, but at the time they sing it, they are on their own).
> The idea is to have a corpus sung by participants, as linguists would have a speech corpus recorded by speakers of a given language. So, again, any reference to an existing repository of such data is welcome.
> I hope this clarifies my first question.
> Best,
> Coralie
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