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Re: children's perception and production of rhythmic features


For many years Carolyn Drake was one of the leading researchers on the development of rhythmic and metric perception and skills.  Here are a few cites, though doubtless there are more:

Drake, C. (1993). "Reproduction of musical rhythms by children, adult musicians, and adult nonmusicians." Perception & Psychophysics 53(1): 25-33.

Drake, C. (1998). "Psychological Processes Involved in the Temporal Organization of Complex Auditory Sequences: Universal and Acquired Processes." Music Perception 16(1): 11-26.

Drake, C., W. J. Dowling, et al. (1991). "Accent Structures in the Reproduction of Simple Tunes by Children and Adult Pianists." Music Perception 8(3): 315-334.

Justin London

On Mar 8, 2011, at 12:26 PM, Stefanie Stadler Elmer wrote:


could anyone please help me to find literature on the development of children's perception and production of rhythmic features such as

a) regular pulse (without accents)
b) meter (periodic patterns of strong and weak accents)
c) variations on top of meter, so called rhythm ?

I am particularly interested in questions such as:

At which age a child is able to perceive and to produce a) to c)?
When and how does a child acquire these abilities in the visual, motor, and auditory domain?

There is an excellent review by Pouthas (1996). Does anyone know of any recent reviews or studies?

Many thanks!
Stefanie Stadler

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