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ICAD 2011 - deadline extension - March 18

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JUNE 20-24, 2011

(Deadline extended until March 18!)

URL for conference: http://icad2011.com/

URL for the community: http://www.icad.org/

ICAD is an interdisciplinary conference with relevance to researchers,
practitioners, artists, and students working in the use of sound to
convey information and ideas. The conference is unique in its specific
focus on auditory displays and the range of interdisciplinary issues
related to their use. ICAD 2011 will be a single-track conference,
open to everybody, with no membership or affiliation requirements.

ICAD 2011 invites the submission of new work and developments in all
areas of interest to those who work with sound as a medium for
conveying information and ideas. The conference emphasizes the
concerns shared by those who work primarily with informational and
affective aspects of sound including sonification of data and
processes, synthetic and composed sound, musical sound, natural sound,
and all issues related to interaction with sound, specifically, how it
is presented to, and apprehended by, listeners. Thus, submissions are
sought on topics that extend from basic research in auditory display,
to application domains in the arts and sciences, mobile applications,
accessibility, audio technology, information and communications
technology, computer games, engineering analysis, medicine, and more.

Each year we aim to attract a wide variety of researchers and
practitioners to the ICAD community who work in fields that are
concerned with and/or related to computationally based, informational
uses of sound. Thus, in addition to ICAD's core interests, we hope to
attract submissions from composers and artists who use sonification,
acoustic synthesis, spatialization, and/or interaction techniques for
composition and performance purposes. Although we fully intend to
maintain ICAD's primary emphasis on the use of sound as information,
we specifically want to encourage a wider and more collaborative
dialogue between practitioners with disparate objectives in auditory

This year's conference also will have an „aural submission” category
for sonifications and aural compositions that employ computational
auditory display techniques. It is intended that submissions in this
category will be presented as part of the oral sessions.

Key Dates

Submission Deadline for Papers, Posters, and Aural Categories March 18 2011

Acceptance Notification (Papers, etc.) 30 March 2011

Camera-Ready Submissions Deadline, Aural and Sonfication Contest
Submission 15 May 2011

ICAD 2011 20-24 June 2011

Theme and Topics for ICAD 2011 - Topics include, but are not limited to:

3D and Spatial Audio
Aesthetics, Philosophy, and Culture of Auditory Displays
Auditory Scene Design
Design Theory and Methods
Evaluation and Usability
Human Factors and Interaction
Mappings from Data to Sound
Psychology, Cognition, Perception, and Psychoacoustics
Sonification and Exploration of Data through Sound
Sound as Art
Technologies and Tools


Papers are oral presentations of a substantial contribution to the
field. Full paper submissions should be 6-8 pages, including images
and references, and should be accompanied by relevant sound files.
Submissions will be subject to blind review by an international
committee of peers in the auditory display community. One of the
authors must present the paper at the conference for it to appear in
the proceedings. Papers must not exceed 8 pages and must comply with
ICAD's formatting requirements. Links to the document format templates
for this year's conference in LaTeX and Microsoft Word are provided.

Authors are strongly encouraged to incorporate auditory display into
the presentation of their papers by including examples of the sounds
used in their work and/or by sonifying their results. Just as it would
be unusual for presentations of papers on graphics not to include
visual artefacts, it should be the norm that ICAD paper presentations
employ sound in addition to the voice of the speaker.


Posters are primarily a forum for discussion of work-in-progress.
Submissions should be up to 5 pages, including images and references,
and should be accompanied by any relevant sound files. Like papers,
posters will be subject to blind review. An international panel will
review submissions. Posters will be presented on a single A0 size
sheet during the poster session. One of the authors must present the
poster at the conference for it to appear in the proceedings.

We strongly encourage everyone who is presenting a poster to consider
also giving a practical demonstration of their work. In your poster
submission you should provide brief details of the demonstration that
you will give. Descriptions of demonstrations should include details
of the equipment and space you will use. We will assume that you will
provide your own equipment to perform the demonstration, though if you
believe we may be able to assist in providing standard equipment to
help with this please give details in your submission.

Sonifications/Compositions/Aural Submissions/Demos

Though originally the terms 'sonification' and 'data sonification'
referred to the systematic auditory display of data for informational
purposes, the terms have recently begun to be used by the music
composition and sound-art communities to refer to works produced
primarily for aesthetic or artistic purposes. In recognition of this,
and the fact that a sharp distinction between the two cannot always be
made, similarily to last year, a Sonifications and Compositions
submission category has been created for ICAD 2011 that provides
participants with an opportunity to present and publish extended
instances of auditory work that make a contribution to, and/or
exemplify, important informational and listening practices in the
field of auditory display.

Submissions of auditory material for this category should be one to
ten minutes in length and must be accompanied by a one-to-four page
abstract that outlines the goals, informational context, and
techniques used in the work (the paper-submission template should be
used for this purpose). Submissions will be evaluated on the merits of
these criteria by a committee of peers in the auditory display
community, and must be identified as either a "sonification" or a
"composition" for reviewing purposes. Please email the Chair of the
category you select if you feel the other category is also applicable.

Accepted pieces will be published in audio form (along with the
corresponding abstract) in the conference proceedings and will be
presented as part of the ICAD 2011 program. A stereo loudspeaker array
will be available for participants who wish to use two-channel for
their work (if there is extent need for a 5.1 system, we will try to
make it happen). Because of the resource requirements, the need to
rehearse spatial rendering etc, composers and practitioners
contemplating submissions in this category are thus encouraged to
contact one of the relevant conference chairpersons (i.e., the
Sonifications Chair or Demonstrations/Compositions Chair) to discuss
their proposals and ideas well in advance of the conference. Finally,
one of the authors must be present to provide a contextual description
of the work on the night (or day, if necessary) of its performance.

In addition to demonstrations of work presented in papers and posters,
we are seeking to encourage submissions of demonstrations and
performances of work that doesn't fit into the usual categories of
submissions. If you are a developer of sound installations, or use
sound in other innovative ways as the primary medium for displaying
information, we encourage you to submit details of a demonstration of
your work under this category to the conference. Submitted
descriptions of demonstrations should explain the nature of your
demonstration, and provide details of the equipment and space you will
use. We will assume that you will provide your own equipment, though
if you believe we may be able to assist in providing any standard
items, please provide details in your submission.


Workshops/Tutorials/Panels are an opportunity to share experiences
with an international community of experts. Tutorials/Workshops will
run for approximately 2-4 hours, Panels will run for 1 hour. Proposals
for sessions in this category should be up to 3-4 pages including
title, description, and brief biographies of the presenters. Suggested
topics include software and hardware tools and systems, design and
analysis of empirical experiments, psychological and perceptual
issues, design methods, practical aspects of the process of developing
an auditory display, e.g., difficulties encountered, problems solved,
guidelines, „Hack day” etc. Submissions will be reviewed and selected
by the organizing committee and ICAD's governing Board.
Workshops/Tutorials/Panels that are presented at the conference will
appear in the proceedings and oral evaluation will be given during a
dedicated session during the week.

Please send your proposals to the program chair by e-mail not later
than 1st April 2011. We plan a half-day or full-day workshop with the
blind community in Budapest. We will try to organize blind and
visually impaired people to join us, devide them into groups and share
our experiences regarding computer use, virtual audio displays, sound
design, perception etc. You can present your research, especially if
it is some kind of machine, tool, software application - anything
dealing with sound to help easing blind people’s life. If there will
be more options, we can rotate the groups between „stations”. Please
send your comments, ideas and application/proposals for this
workshop-day directly to György (George) Wersényi by e-mail to the
following address with subject „Blind Workshop Day”:

For participating in the Sonification Contest or in the Student
ThinkTank, please visit the website for further information and
downloadable data.

Awards for best paper and best poster will be given by the board.
Based on the reviewers’ opinion, selected papers will have the
possibility to publish their work in a special issue of the JAES.

Committees/Contacts, ICAD 2011

Conference and Program Chairs: György WERSÉNYI, Széchenyi István University

Papers/Posters Chair: David WORRALL, Australian National University

Demonstrations/Compositions/Aural Chair: Mikael FERNSTRÖM, University
of Limerick

Student Consortium ThinkTank Chair: Paul VICKERS, Northumbria University

Webmaster: Gergely KVOJKA, OPAKFI