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Max/MSP Developer position at IRCAM


please find below a job description for a temporary developer position at IRCAM. Please distribute to interested parties.



Max/MSP Developer (C++/C) at IRCAM
9 months minimum (possible 3 month extension) Immediate availability

A full time C/C++ developer position is immediately available in the analysis/synthesis team (http://anasynth.ircam.fr) of IRCAM (http://www.ircam.fr). The analysis/synthesis team is researching and developing new and advanced algorithms for sound signal analysis, synthesis and transformation.


The objective of the work is a major update of the SuperVP externals for Max/MSP. The SuperVP externals integrate existing sound transformation algorithms (the SuperVP C++ library) and the update of the externals should include all functionalities that are implemented in the existing externals, and at the same time provide an extended control interface that is based on a modular structure of the externals. The developer will collaborate with the IMTR team to ensure optimal interoperability with other Max/MSP objects (e.g. MuBu) developed at IRCAM. The target platforms are Mac OS X and Windows.


The candidate will perform the following tasks:

o design, implement and continually improve the new set of SuperVP externals.
o communicate with other developers at IRCAM to ensure a complete and backward compatible control interface of the externals.
o testing of the externals in the Max/MSP environment.
o create and distribute demo and beta releases for testing purposes.
o handling user feedback.
o documentation of the externals.
o create and distribute the final release.


o Excellent knowledge of C++ and C programming language.
o Excellent skills and several years of experience with development of Max/MSP externals.
o Experience with development under Mac OS X.
o Experience with STL.
o Basic understanding of digital signal processing algorithms.
o Interest for music.
o High productivity, methodical and autonomous work, creativity, good communication skills, and excellent programming style.


The position is available in the "Analysis/Synthesis" team in the R&D department starting as soon as possible.


 According to background and experience.


Please send your resume with qualifications and other pertinent information preferably by email to:
   Axel.Roebel@xxxxxxxx (Axel Roebel, head of the analysis synthesis team)

or by fax to:

 (33 1) 44 78 15 40, to Axel Roebel

or by surface mail to:

 Axel Roebel, IRCAM, 1 Place Stravinsky, 75004 Paris.


Axel Roebel
Head of the Analysis/Synthesis Team, IRCAM
Phone: ++33-1-4478 4845 | Fax: ++33-1-4478 1540