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Key detection training database

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I'm a researcher from University of MÃlaga and I would like to join
the MIREX contest of ISMIR 2011 with my system for key detection...

I'm also planning to send an article to ISMIR2011 about my algorithm and
the availibility of a reference database would be very important for the
"Evaluation" section of the work.

I found a Key detection reference database here
(http://www.music-ir.org/evaluation/MIREX/data/2005/key/development_data/training_wav.zip) in the page of the MIREX 2005 (the same used for MIREX 2010), protected by password, and I really would like to have it (even a small portion of the entire database) to test my system...

If anyone  knows any other key detection training database, I would
appreciate it.

Waiting for your reply.

Best regards, 

Cristina de la Bandera

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