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Re: tapping hardware & software

P.S. The data saved by MAX/MSP are text files and already contain the tap times—no need to analyze an audio file. --Bruno

On 3/24/11 4:32 AM, daniele schon wrote:
Dear all,
I am trying to think to a simple and cheap solution to record children in a tapping task (eg along with a metronome or a piece of music). I have up to now found several solutions commonly used, but none of them is cheap. For instance, using a software such as Presentation to send the auditory stimulus and record with the space bar (requires Presentation/E-Prime license), or using Cakewalk and a tapping pad (requires Cakewalk license and a tapping pad). So I would be glad if you could share your advice on the "optimal" solution, optimizing the real cost (in euros), the precision (in milliseconds) and the other cost (the hours I'll spend analyzing data, for instance recording the tapping on a microphone ...).

my warmest regards

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