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Re: seeking Klemm papers

Thanks, Stefan!


At 9:22 PM +0200 3/27/11, Stefan Strahl wrote:
Hi Dick :)

According to http://permalink.obvsg.at/AC02877741 the external archive
of the Innsbruck Library (UBI-HB.BL) should have it which happens to
be across the street of MED-EL :) so I'll try to get the two papers
tomorrow during the lunch break.

:) stefan

On Sun, Mar 27, 2011 at 7:06 PM, Richard F. Lyon <DickLyon@xxxxxxx> wrote:
 And if nobody has it, maybe someone will help me figure out how to get a
 copy from one of the libraries that has the Arch. f. d. Psych.:


 Lots in Germany, a few in France, and one in Zurich.  Any volunteers?

 I also found a commentary that said the time-difference that Klemm found was
 1/100 $\sigma$; some looking around informed me that $\sigma$ was an old
 abbreviation for a millisecond, so this is 10 microseconds.  Seems a lot
 more reasonable than the 2 microseconds that another book talked about.  I'd
 like to see what else he said (I think I can make out German almost well
 enough to get the gist of it).

 As far as I can tell, this may be the first guy to investigate inter-aural
 time difference of clicks and complex sounds (as opposed to just inter-aural
 phase difference of sinusoids).


 At 7:28 PM -0700 3/26/11, Richard F. Lyon wrote:

 Otto Klemm apparently did great work on binaural localization, including
 time-intensity trading. But I can't find a clear statement of how small a
 time difference he found to be detectable. One paper says 2 microseconds,
 but I suspect that's wrong.

 I have his 1913 and 1914 papers (freely available online), but can't find
 these more important later ones:

 Klemm, Otto (1918). Untersuchungen uber die Lokalisation von Schallreizen.
 3. Mitteilung: Uber der Anteil des beidohrigen horens. Archiv für die
 gesamte Psychologie, 38, 71-114.

 Klemm, Otto (1920). Untersuchungen über die Lokalisation von Schallreizen.
 4. Mitteilung: Über den Einfluß des binauralen Zeitunterschiedes auf die
 Lokalisation. Archiv für die gesamte Psychologie, Bd. 40, 117­146.

 Does anyone have or know where to find them?