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Re: seeking Klemm papers

At 8:50 AM -0700 3/29/11, Richard F. Lyon wrote:
There are also several earlier studies of ITD, or approaches to the concept of ITD besides just interaural phase of pure tones, that predate Klemm 1920, starting with this nice observation on the shock wave of bullets by Mallock in 1908:
which I have read was confirmed by Aggazzotti in 1911 (I should have a copy of his Italian paper by later today probably).

I have the Aggazzotti 1911 paper now, and don't find anything in it that looks like a confirmation of Mallock's findings. It has been said he found an ITD threshold of 70 microseconds (see The psychology of time, 1963, Paul Fraisse http://books.google.com/books?id=wHQIAQAAIAAJ&q=%22milliseconds+according+to+Aggazzotti%22 ), but I don't see that.
Aggazzotti mentions 0.070 second, but not the 0.070 ms.

In 1954 someone (I can't see who at http://www.google.com/search?tbm=bks&tbo=1&q=aggazzotti+mallock&btnG=Search+Books) wrote "The time-difference hypothesis appears to have been first proposed seriously by Mallock in 1908 (11) and to have been first demonstrated experimentally by Aggazzotti in 1911." In 1960, same journal, almost the same "The hypothesis that dichotic time provides a basis for localization seems first to have been proposed seriously by Mallock (1908) and first to have been demonstrated experimentally by Aggazzotti (1911)."

It looks to me like Mallock demonstrated it experimentally already in 1908. And I can't tell what Aggazzotti did, since I can't read his Italian much.

Anyone want to read it? Email me.