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The auditory image model (AIM) has a new home

The auditory image model (AIM), so far hosted by the CNBH in Cambridge
under Roy Patterson, has moved! The software, documentation and many
can now be found here:


AIM-MAT (the MATLAB version of AIM) will be further developed and
maintained by Stefan Bleeck (bleeck@xxxxxxxxxxx). Please don't
hesitate to contact me for questions, suggestions (or donations :)

The Auditory Image Model is a software package to simulate human
hearing. Aim is implemented in MATLAB, so that the user has full
control of the system at all levels. AIM is a time-domain, functional
model of the signal processing performed in the auditory pathway as
the system converts a sound wave into the initial perception that we
experience when hearing that sound. This representation is referred to
as an "auditory image" by analogy with the visual image of a scene
that we experience in response to optical stimulation.

The main concepts of AIM are described in
- Roy D. Patterson, Mike H. Allerhand and Christian Giguere (1995).
Time-domain modelling of peripheral auditory processing: A modular
architecture and a software platform, J. Acoust. Soc. Am. vol 98,
- Stefan Bleeck, Tim Ives and Roy D. Patterson (2004). "Aim-mat: the
auditory image model in MATLAB" Acta Acustica, 90, 781-788

The principle functions of AIM are to describe and simulate:
-Pre-cochlear processing (PCP) of the sound up to the oval window of
the cochlea,
-Basilar membrane motion (BMM) produced in the cochlea (using
Gammachirp filters)
-The neural activity pattern (NAP) observed in the auditory nerve and
cochlear nucleus,
-The identification of maxima in repeating neural patterns, that can
be used as strobe points to construct auditory images,
-Stabilized auditory images (SAI) that form the basis of auditory perception,
-A size invariant representation of the information in the sound at
the syllable level, referred to as the Mellin Magnitude Image (MMI).

Dr. Stefan Bleeck
Senior Lecturer
Institute of Sound and Vibration Research
University of Southampton, SO17 1BJ, UK
Room 4093, Tizard building (13)
Tel.: 02380 596682
email: bleeck@xxxxxxxxxxx