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Reminder ISAAR 2011, August 24-26, www.isaar.eu

Dear List members,

Reminder ISAAR 2011, www.isaar.eu


International Symposium on Auditory and Audiological Research,
24-26 August 2011, Nyborg, Denmark

Deadline 01 May 2011 for abstracts (poster or oral)

Send abstracts (max 200 words) via
Due to the many invited speakers the possibility
for oral presentations will be limited.

Submission of abstracts and on-line registration
at the symposium website: www.isaar.eu


1. Measures of speech perception
Teresa Ching, National Acoustics Laboratory, Australia
Joshua Bernstein, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, USA
Thomas Brand, University of Oldenburg, Germany
Brian C. J. Moore, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

2. Representation of speech in the auditory system
Nina Kraus, Northwestern University , USA
Barbara Canlon, Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Milene Bonte, Maastricht University, The Netherlands
Jonas Obleser, Max Planck Institute Leipzig, Germany

3. Models of speech processing and perception
Bertrand Delgutte, Harvard Medical School, USA
Jont Allen, University of Illinois, USA
Birger Kollmeier, University of Oldenburg, Germany
Richard Stern, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

4. Recent concepts in hearing-instrument processing and fitting
Chris Halpin, Massachusetts eye and ear infirmary, USA
Andreas Büchner, Hörzentrum Hannover, Germany
Jan Wouters, KU Leuven, Belgium
Joachim Müller-Deile, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Germany


Best regards
Torben Poulsen

Torben Poulsen
Department of Electrical Engineering, Hearing Systems and Communication
Technical University of Denmark
Building 352, DTU, DK-2800 Lyngby, Denmark
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e-mail: tp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ISAAR: www.isaar.eu
Symposium sponsored by GN ReSound through the Danavox Jubilee Foundation