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papers request

Dear list,
I am looking for the following papers:

- Suen, C. Y., and Beddoes, M. P. (1972). "Discrimination of vowel sounds of very short duration" Percept Psychophys 11, 417-419.
- Gray. G . W. (1942). "Phonemic microtomy : The minimum duration of perceptible speech sounds," Speech Monogr 9, 75-90.
- Massaro, D. W. & Idson, W. L. (1978). Temporal Course of Perceived Vowel Duration. Journal of Speech and Hearing Research, 21(1), 37-55.
- Powell R.L & Tosi O. (1970). Vowel Recognition Threshold as a Function of Temporal Segmentations. Journal of Speech and Hearing Research Vol.13 715-724

Thanks in advance

Best regards,