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Introduction to Cochlear Waves, errata.

Dear colleagues,

During my recent calculations on evanescent cochlear waves I found a fairly stupid mistake in the text of my book "Introduction to Cochlear Waves"(vdf, Zurich, 2010). That mistake occurs three times, in Chapters 35 (Internal Organ-of-Corti Resonator Map) and 37 (Resonators with Feedback). In order to be able to feed mechanical energy into a cochlear wave, the outer-hair-cell-generated force has to be in phase not with the liquid pressure above the cochlear partition, but with the oscillation velocity of the basilar membrane. I have written a half-page pdf with errata. Please send me a note if you want to receive that pdf.

The equations in Chapter 37 are not affected by these changes.

Reinhart Frosch,
Dr. phil. nat.,
CH-5200 Brugg.
reinifrosch@xxxxxxxxxx .