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Request for listening test participants

Dear List,

As part of my PhD in the Centre for Digital Music (C4DM) at Queen Mary University of London, I am conducting a subjective evaluation listening test for the investigation of musical timbre perception. I am in need of native English speakers participants that have been practising/performing music for at least 5 years.

Bellow is a short description of my listening test:

The main objective of this research project is the investigation of musical timbre perception in a way that will add to our understanding concerning the salient perceptual dimensions of timbre. A study on the verbal attributes of musical timbre is being conducted in an effort to identify the most significant semantic descriptors and to quantify the association between prominent timbral aspects and several categorical properties of environmental entities. A verbal attribute magnitude estimation (VAME) type of listening test in which musically trained participants are asked to describe a set of 23 musical sounds using 30 English adjectives together with verbal terms of their own choice is designed and conducted for this purpose. The test is performed through headphones and lasts approximately 45 minutes.

The test will be conducted mainly in the Mile End campus of Queen Mary University but I am available to do it anywhere else in London where I can have an access to a quiet listening room. So, if you are London based and interested in participating please contact me.

Best regards,

Asteris Zacharakis