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Re: slightly OT: raw audio file format

Raw audio data can be any format - it's probably 16-bit PCM, but could be a-law, mu-law, or any other codec.

If it is PCM, the byte ordering could be either MSB or LSB first. The sample rate and data format must be known a-priori - the information is not stored in the file. You can try importing the data into a program such as audacity, and select different options until you find settings that give a reasonable-sounding signal, but the best solution is to contact the person who created the files and ask them!

Good luck!

Steve Beet

On Wed, 1 Jun 2011 12:00:59 +0200
Massimo Grassi <massimo.grassi@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Dear list members,
> I've been asked by a friend to work on a recording. The recording file 
> extension is "raw". I'm not familiar with this type of file. As far as I 
> understood this file-type is an uncompressed audio file with no header 
> information.
> Here come the questions:
> 1. Are the above information correct?
> 2. Is there any other info missing?
> 3. How do I understand sample rate and bit resolution if the file has no 
> header?
> Thank you all in advance,
> m