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Conference Invitation: Signal processing and Audiology - from front-end to perception


AUDIS Conference

Signal processing and audiology – from front-end to perception

Southampton,  12th September 2011



The aim of the conference is to bring audiology and signal processing researchers together in order to exchange ideas from audiology and signal processing for the future hearing aids (HA) and cochlear implants (CI). Multidisciplinary topics related to the hearing, signal processing for hearing prosthesis, perception and neuroscience are welcomed.

The uniqueness of the main session is to have such order of plenary talks, that they will follow the signal processing path from the front-end of a hearing prosthesis to the auditory system. The session will be opened by a brief insight into a state-of the art scheme of the HA/CI processing chain and the trends and requests of the hearing prosthesis industry will be covered as well by the key note speakers.

This conference is organized in cooperation with the AUDIS Program – Digital Signal Processing in Audiology: www.audis-itn.eu. Selected work of the AUDIS fellows will be presented at the conference as well.


We welcome speakers to present their latest research on the above mentioned topics. The contribution has to fit in the presented plenary talk structure (signal processing path from the front-end of a hearing prosthesis to the auditory system).

Accepted submissions on related scientific topics that not directly fit in the plenary talk structure will be presented in an accompanying poster session. Real-time demonstrations are welcomed as well.

Please send an extended abstract of your contribution (400-500 words, plus figures/tables) with the text "Abstract" in the subject before 15th July 2011 to audis.conf.2011@xxxxxxxxx. Submissions include title of the abstract, authors’ names and affiliation.

A book of abstract will be distributed during the conference and published electronically. Authors of the selected best submissions will be offered to contribute on a book which will be composed on AUDIS topics after the conference.


Abstract submission deadline: 15th  July 2011

Notification of acceptance:  5th August 2011


We are able to offer limited mobility support for each participant.


Conference registration opens on 6th August 2011. The registration fees (includes welcome at the conference, conference materials and coffee breaks) are 50 EUR for early registration and 100 EUR for onsite registration.

More details about the total program and the registration procedure will be announced on the website soon. 

Dr. Stefan Bleeck
Senior Lecturer
Institute of Sound and Vibration Research
University of Southampton, SO17 1BJ, UK
Room 4093, Tizard building (13)
Tel.: 02380 596682
email: bleeck@xxxxxxxxxxx