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RA/Ph.D. position at Cardiff Univ.

AV motion perception during eye and head movement 
RA/PhD position with Tom Freeman / John Culling

We are seeking to appoint a Research Assistant to undertake research funded by the Wellcome
Trust investigating audiovisual motion perception during eye and head rotation. The research asks
how perceptual systems combine sensory information with feedback from eye movement and head
control systems. While there is large literature on these types of interactions in vision science,
the research-base in audition and cross-modal science is considerably smaller. The post therefore
presents an exciting opportunity to carry work in a relatively unexplored domain.

The successful candidate will be encouraged to register for a PhD for which there is additional
funding available beyond the term of the post.

Salary:  Grade 5 (Â24,370 - Â28,251).  Due to limited external funding it is not expected to
appoint above Â24,370

Closing date:  8th July 2011

For further enquires please contact:
Tom Freeman (freemant@xxxxxxxxxxxxx)
or John Culling (cullingj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx)

For further information about the post go here:

For further information about the Perception Group at Cardiff University, go here:


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