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pdf to text etc

If you open the pdf in Adobe Acrobat Professional, it is possible to extract the text. Minor text edits need to be performed.

1 . Introduction
What is Audio all about? Subjectively, the answer is easy. It is literally a question about good
sound. In practice the human mind can tell, within seconds, if a sound picture is correct or not, just as
quickly as it can tell whether a girl is beautiful or a house, a car or a landscape is impressive.
Human beings consider things in a "global" fashion - everything is registered and perceived
simultaneously, but no details are clear to begin with. However, when we measure, we do exactly the
opposite we describe details with extreme accuracy. We concentrate on one parameter at a time in a
"local" fashion.
We could accurately measure how tall the girl is, what color her hair is and so on, but that
doesn't directly tell us how beautiful she is.
Likewise, on a Hi-Fi system we could, for instance measure frequency response and harmonic
distortion, but neither does that tell us whether the system is good or bad.,
Things that are easily and intuitively perceived, like Audio, are generally extremely hard to
explain. It requires many words, many measurements, foreknowledge and interpretations.

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Dear colleagues,

does anyone own a digital copy of the Bruel & Kjaer apppl. note on "Multidimensional Audio" (see attached *pfd of cover)?

Thanks a lot in advance

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