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Postdoctoral position in psychoacoustics, Lyon (France)

dear list,
here is an announcement for a one-year post-doc position in France. Please circulate it !
E. Parizet

Post-doctoral position in Lyon, France

The Laboratoire Vibrations Acoustique (LVA) is a research unit within an engineering school (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon). It is focused on sound radiation, structural vibration, source identification and sound and vibration perception. We are looking for a post-doc fellow in psychoacoustics

LVA will be involved in the project Evader, funded by the European Commission. The motivation of this project is that new electrical vehicles are quite silent and thus potentially dangerous for blind people. The goal of Evader is to develop warning signals which can be clearly heard by the pedestrian close to the running car without being too much annoying for the other people at some distance away. 11 partners will contribute, including car manufacturers, suppliers, universities, engineering companies and the European Blind Union.

LVA will be responsible for work package 2, aimed at selecting warning signals on the basis of psycho-acoustical experiments. These experiments will evaluate the ease of detection, localisation and interpretation of candidate sounds. They will also quantify the increase of environmental annoyance due to such sounds being emitted by cars.

The fellow will be responsible for designing, conducting the experiments and analysing the results. He/she will present these results to the Evader consortium. The duration of the contract is one year. The salary will be 2100 euros/months (net of charge).

Candidates should have a PhD in acoustics, with an experience in psychoacoustics or sound quality experiments. Proficiency in oral and written communication is necessary, in either French or English.

Please email cover letter, CV, and contact information regarding academic or professional references to etienne.parizet@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Etienne Parizet
Laboratoire Vibrations Acoustique
Insa Lyon
25 bis, av. J. Capelle
F-69621 Villeurbanne Cédex

tel : +33 (0)4 72 43 81 21
fax : +33 (0)4 72 43 87 12
mail : etienne.parizet@xxxxxxxxxxxx