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Re: Headphone sound pressure level?

Please keep in mind that most of these specifications are only approximate in 
any case.  To the extent that the left and right ear phones may have 
significantly different sensitivity.  It's not too difficult to measure the 
sensitivity at low and middle frequencies by simply using a small lavalier 
microphone taped at the entrance to the subject's ear canals.  If you have 
access to a pressure microphone calibrator you can calibrate the sensitivity of 
the lavaliere microphone.  If not, you can at least be sure of the relative 
calibration of the two ear cups.

Eric Benjamin

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Subject: Headphone sound pressure level?

Dear all,

We have a set of Sennheiser HD 280 pro headphones with a "sound pressure level" 
of 102 dB "as per IEC 268-7". Since it also states a sound pressure level of 
113dB/1V rms, we are unsure exactly what the maximum output level of these 
headphones actually is. The impedance is 64ohm. Would anyone know how to 
calculate this, or does anyone have access to the full international standard 
for headphones (e.g., IEC 60268-7), a preview of which can be found at the link 


Thanks, Gemma