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Re: Headphone sound pressure level?

At 04:18 +0100 14/7/11, Dr JI Alcantara wrote:
As far as the maximum output is concerned, this is a movable feast, depending on whether you want to know when the transducers are likely to burn out, or - more likely - when they start to produce appreciable amounts of distortion so that they become unusable for psychoacoustic tasks. The only way to be sure of the maximum usable output level is to measure their output at a variety of sinusoidal input frequencies of interest to you, and measure the total harmonic distortion.

You might want to measure the level of intermodulation distortion between a pair of tones (at e.g. f2-f1, 2f1-f2, etc).

This is an important potential artifact in psychoacoustics, and you can't really predict it from harmonic distortion.