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Re: correction to post

Dear Nedra:

Your spell-checker seems to have been under-active as well because it did not catch the wrong verb form of "tells".

Your question about auditory illusions was probably intended to be: "Are there any auditory illusions that have potential relevance to hearing-aid design?" I'll leave this question to others to answer, as I don't know much about hearing aids.


On 7/30/11 3:16 AM, Nedra Floyd-Pautler, LLC wrote:
My apologies for an over-active spell checker that changed "people" to "proletariat" in my recent posting. Below is the message I intended to send:

I'm a science writer/audiologist researching an article on auditory illusions. What value do they have "on the ground" for people with hearing deficits? Do what they tells us about the brain and hearing have application to hearing aid design?Â

Thank you,
Nedra Floyd-Pautler

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