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Subject: Auditory Illusions


Just to add a few more points that seemed to provoke my thoughts. I am not not a hearing aid designer so I may be completely wrong in interpreting this but then we seem to kind of reaching an asymptote in terms of the pure psycho-acoustically (with this i mean the cochlear and lower auditory system related psycho-acoustics) inspired hearing aid and cochlear implant design but then there seems to be a need to have a paradigm shift or may be atleast some extra emphasis on the role of auditory-visual integration (as studied by auditory illusions like the Mc Gurk), combined audio-visual perception (as this seems to be the more ecological way of perceiving speech in everyday listening environments, auditory attention, auditory short term and working memory and other related cognitive abilities which might assist listening to inspire the new generation hearing aid and cochlear implant technology. It would be really interesting to see new generation designs and signal processing algorithm inspired by such aspects of central auditory processing.

Just a thought.

Imran Dhamani