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Re: [MUSIC-IR] Re: musical complexity

Dear Tom,

Actually, the two (i.e., "musical complexity in purely information theoretic terms" and "musical complexity in terms of our psychological capacity to predict and remember") may be interrelated.

Experiments show that Zipf's Law (and related power laws) may be used to classify music with high accuracy along different dimensions (e.g., composer, genre, pleasantness, etc.).  For instance, see:

B. Manaris, J. Romero, P. Machado, D. Krehbiel, T. Hirzel, W. Pharr, and R.B. Davis, "Zipf's Law, Music Classification and Aesthetics," Computer Music Journal 29(1), MIT Press, pp. 55-69, Spring 2005 (http://www.cs.cofc.edu/~manaris/publications/CMJ_vol.29_no.1_Manaris.pdf).

P. Roos and B. Manaris, "A Music Information Retrieval Approach Based on Power Laws," Proceedings of 19th IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence (ICTAI-07), Patras, Greece, vol. 2, pp. 27-31, Oct. 2007 (http://www.cs.cofc.edu/~manaris/publications/ICTAI07.roos_manaris.pdf).


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Don Knuth's "The Complexity of Songs" probably isn't exactly what you're
looking for but a good read nonetheless:


On Thu, 2011-08-11 at 15:29 +0100, Tom Cochrane wrote:
> (apologies for cross postings)
> Dear listmembers
> Does anyone know of any important articles or books which discuss the 
> issue of musical complexity? I am particularly interested to find papers 
> that debate how musical complexity should be understood at a high 
> theoretical level. For instance, should musical complexity be understood 
> in purely information theoretic terms or in terms of our psychological 
> capacity to predict and remember (e.g. analogous to the way that 
> amplitude differs from perceived loudness)?
> cheers
> Tom
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