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NIH T32 Postdoctoral Traineeships at Indiana University

NIH T32 Postdoctoral Traineeships at Indiana University


Indiana University is pleased to announce the availability of four new NIH T32 Postdoctoral Traineeships in Speech, Hearing, and Sensory Communication. Post-doctoral positions will be available starting July 1, 2012 to qualified PhD’s who wish to obtain additional training in basic and/or clinical research related to speech, hearing and spoken language processing in both typical and atypical populations.


We welcome candidates with backgrounds in Speech and Hearing Science, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Cognitive, Developmental and Clinical Psychology as well as Cognitive Science, Cognitive Neuroscience or Cognitive Neuropsychology. Trainee salaries, consistent with current NIH guidelines, range from $38,496 to $53,112 plus an allowance for travel and research expenses.


These post-doc positions will be based at the IU School of Medicine in Indianapolis or one or more of the research laboratories in the Departments of Psychological & Brain Sciences and Speech & Hearing Sciences at Indiana University-Bloomington.


All trainees are expected to carry out original empirical and/or theoretical research and collaborate with professors and research scientists currently working in laboratories in Indianapolis and Bloomington. Interested applicants are encouraged to send via email attachments: (1) an up-to-date CV, (2) a personal letter describing their specific research interests, goals, and career plans, and (3) reference letters from three people who can describe the applicant’s background, interests, and research potential.


Applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents. Send all correspondence and materials via email to:


David B. Pisoni, Ph.D., Program Director

Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences

Indiana University

Bloomington, Indiana  47405

(812) 855-1155  FAX: (812)855-1300

Email: pisoni@xxxxxxxxxxx