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Re: microphone sterilization question


one approach is to send the equipment you want
sterilized to an outside company. EarLens Corp 
has used Sterigenics (http://www.sterigenics.com/)
with good success, in that their transducers still work
properly after sterilization. They typically charge several 
hundred bucks for a run. 

Sending the equipment out to an outside firm puts the burden 
on them to do it properly.

Good luck.

On Aug 25, 2011, at 9:08 AM, Tollin, Daniel wrote:



  I have an unusual question.  In order to make some acoustic measurements inside a ‘clean’ facility on my campus I will need to have all of my equipment sterilized, including my B&K mics (1/4” Type 4938).  For sensitive equipment (such as a microphone) a dry application of chlorine dioxide gas will be used for the sterilization.  Does anybody have any experience with this?  And should I be concerned about my microphones?


Thanks in advance!


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