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Anyone remember "Speakeasy"

Dear List Seniors,
Does anyone  remember the British "Speakeasy" newsletter? It was a kind of pre-Internet Auditory List.
A friend had sent me copies of it from England in the late 1980s. It often generated interesting discussions on speech recognition. Recently, I ran across the April 1988 issue which included a Forum essay by Alan Crowe. The essay begins with remarks on J. R. Pierce's disruptive paper "Whither Speech Recognition." From this Crowe makes an assessment of the state of the art as he saw it at ICASSP 87. I think it is relevant today so I'm attaching it here. Unfortunately, I have lost the second page, but you can still get Alan's main idea. Maybe, what we need even after 23 years is his missing "fairly standard theory."
John Bates

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