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Call for participation: 3rd Signal Separation Evaluation Campaign (SiSEC 2011)

              *** THIRD CALL FOR PARTICIPATION ***

              3rd Community-Based Signal Separation
                       Evaluation Campaign
                          (SiSEC 2011)


              Submission deadline: October 24, 2011

SiSEC 2011 is the third community-based endeavor for the evaluation of source separation algorithms. Following the first call, we had discussions on the wiki and through e-mails and some tasks of the last SiSEC have been revised accordingly.

Finally, four Audio & two Biomedical tasks are proposed for this year:

* Audio source separation
    1: Underdetermined speech and music mixtures
    2: Two-channel mixtures of speech and real-world background noise
    3: Determined convolutive mixtures under dynamic conditions
    4: Professionally produced music recordings

* Biomedical data analysis
    1: Causal analysis of simulated EEG data
    2: Cancer pathway reconstruction using breast cancer Microarray
       gene expression profiles

Help make this evaluation the most complete yet by trying your algorithms over one or more datasets and submitting the results.

To download the datasets and view submission guidelines and evaluation procedures, please visit http://sisec.wiki.irisa.fr/.

Interested individuals are encouraged to join the SiSEC mailing list at https://listes.irisa.fr/sympa/info/sisec. Announcements (including on the revision to the datasets, reference software, submission information, etc.) and discussions related to SiSEC 2011 will be provided through the SiSEC mailing list.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us at sisec-org@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Best regards,
SiSEC 2011 Evaluation Chairs