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Open Position at Fraunhofer IDMT, Oldenburg, Germany - Algorithm Developer

Dear List Members,

we have an open position at Fraunhofer IDMT, project group Hearing
Speech and Audio Technology, Oldenburg, Germany. Please find further
information below.

Best regards,

Fraunhofer Institute of Digital Media Technology (IDMT) is hiring: For
our Oldenburg Division of Hearing, Speech and Audio Technology we are

An Algorithm Developer for Audio Signal Processing, DSP, Embedded
Systems with Research Background

The department of Hearing, Speech and Audio Technology in Oldenburg is a
division of Fraunhofer IDMT Ilmenau (www.idmt.fraunhofer.de/hsa/). It is
the goal of this department to create new applications and open up the
emerging markets of audio system technology with special reference to
the characteristics of normal and impaired human hearing. In the fields
of »Assistive Systems«, »Communication Environments« and »Personal
Hearing Systems«, the department addresses customers in the fields of
health care, transport, multimedia and telecommunication.

The position announced is allocated to the research group of »Assistive
Systems«. This team develops robust procedures for detection,
recognition and classification of acoustic events and speech utterances
and as well as acoustic user interfaces for the use in health care,
ambient assisted living and other applications.

In this position, you will develop and implement efficient
signal-processing algorithms on resource-limited hardware. These
embedded systems typically use fixed-point architectures as a standard.
For this task, you have excellent knowledge in digital signal
processing, are able to implement this in MATLAB and C and have working
experience in software projects using algorithms in fixed-point.
Knowledge in the fields of electronic engineering, PCB design and
hardware development are favorable.

Ideally, you have completed a University or Polytechnical Degree with
Diploma, Master or PhD degree in Physics, Electrical Engineering,
Information Technology or related subjects and have experience in
software development. We expect you to be curious and interested to
develop your skills at the intersection between research and
application. Experiences in project management are advantageous but not

With us, you can expect challenging and diversified projects for public
and industrial clients both in Germany and abroad. You will get in touch
with different people from the fields of research, business and
politics. We can provide an extremely well equipped infrastructure,
excellent advanced training opportunities and an open-minded and
interested team. And of course, you are part of the Oldenburg Hearing
Research, the internationally unique location for everything related to

Employment, payment and social benefits according to collective labour
agreement for public services (TvöD). The position is temporary for 2
years, prolongation is intended. 39 weekly hours of work.

Please send your entire application (including convincing, job-related
letter) only as e-mail to personal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Goetze
Group leader 'Assistive Systems'
Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology (IDMT)
Department Hearing, Speech and Audio Technology
Haus des Hörens - Marie-Curie-Strasse 2 - 26129 Oldenburg - Germany
Tel (+49)441 / 2172 - 432 - Fax (+49)441 / 2172 - 450
mailto:s.goetze@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - http://www.idmt.fraunhofer.de/
PGP: http://www.ant.uni-bremen.de/sixcms/media.php/57/StefanGoetze.asc