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Hi David,

With respect to the question "What is presbyacusis" the following papers may be of interest to you:

ROSEN, S., BERGMAN, M., PLESTER, D., EL-MOFTY, A., SATTI, M. H.: Pres-bycusis: Study of a Relatively Noise-free Population in the Sudan.
Ann. Otol. 71, pp 727-743, 1962. 


Marcos V. Goycoolea MD, PHD, Hortensia G. Goycoolea, Leonardo G. Rodriguez MD, Corina R. Farfan, Gumaro C. Martinez MD, Ricardo Vidal MD, 
Effect of life in industrialized societies on hearing in natives of easter island
The Laryngoscope, 96, Issue 12, pages 1391–1396, 1986.

With kind regards, Wiebe Horst