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Re: dynamic compression of comertials

It should be possible to reverse engineer compression, especially as it will largely feature speech.

Although hard limiting is non-linear, and so difficult to undo, much compression is a) detectable in signal terms and b) expandable

This means that, in theory, one could build into a TV set an automatic (and user adjustable) advertisement-tamer (you could even duck it completely, which is what many people do with the remote control)or cause it to be automatically substituted with nice, soothing, ambient MP3 material
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Dear Zlatan,

On Sep 20 2011, Zlatan Ribic wrote:

>Dear List,
> compressed comertials in broadcasting are much louder if compared with 
> "standard" program. Is there any norm limiting this misuse?
You may be interested in:

Moore, B. C. J., Glasberg, B. R. & Stone, M. A. 2003. Why are commercials 
so loud? - Perception and modeling of the loudness of amplitude-compressed 
speech, Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, 51. 1123-1132.

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