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job posting- Post Doc or Research Audiologist- Halifax, NS

We are seeking a Post-doctoral student, or audiologist with an interest in research,  for one year, possibly two, with a background in hearing testing and psychoacoustics. The application should be interested in working in a multidisciplinary team of Otologic surgeons, audiologists, and electrical/mechanical engineers at an academic university hospital . We are developing several new hearing devices, and are particularly interested in aspects of bone conduction hearing. However, there is great opportunity and flexibility in being involved in many different areas of research, as we have a full clinical service program with cochlear implants, Bahas, and middle ear disorders. We have several labs, including a basic science animal/cadaveric lab, a microfabrication lab, and a patient testing lab.

A central research focus would be the development of a new type of bone conduction hearing device, which fits into the ear canal. Research in this area has commercial applications, but we are also particularly interested in many physiological aspects of bone conduction hearing, including phase shifts across the skull, transcranial attenuation and interaction of air and bone conduction hearing.

There are also many opportunities to be involved in animal work with novel visualization techniques for the basilar membrane and inner ear, as well measurements of middle ear mechanics.  These would be outside the core project, but the applicant would have the opportunity to pursue these further if interested. The applicant would gain exposure to a wide variety of ear pathologies, and it is very important that they feel comfortable working with human subjects and patients.

Interested applicants should send an email with cv to Dr Manohar Bance m.bance@xxxxxx

Ashleigh Benton-Pratt

Research Administrative Coordinator


1276 South Park Street, Rm 3189

Dickson Building, VG Site

QEII Health Sciences Centre

Halifax, NS B3H 2Y9

tel  902.473.1958

fax 902.473.4345