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Ph.D. position in Auditory Perception/Cognitive Neuroscience

Dear Colleagues,

Please share this message with any talented students you know who are seeking Ph.D. training in Experimental Psychology, with a particular focus on Auditory Perception and/or Cognitive Neuroscience research:

The Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory (ACNL) at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) has an opening for a Ph.D. student. Research in the ACNL currently addresses several issues related to auditory processing, mostly using behavioral and EEG/ERP techniques (but also a bit with structural and functional MRI). These include auditory scene analysis, auditory memory, change detection, music perception, and auditory dysfunction in schizophrenia.

Interested potential applicants with appropriate qualifications (bachelor's or master's degree in Psychology, Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, Computer Science, or other related discipline) should see the ACNL web page for further information about our research, email me directly with any questions, and apply directly to the UNLV graduate school. For more information on UNLV, the Ph.D. program, and the ACNL see links below.

UNLV Grad School: http://graduatecollege.unlv.edu/
UNLV Experimental Psychology Ph.D. program: http://psychology.unlv.edu/html/experimental_program.html
ACNL: http://faculty.unlv.edu/jsnyder

Joel S. Snyder, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
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University of Nevada, Las Vegas 
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Las Vegas, NV 89154-5030
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