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Videos of the workshop dedicated to ASA, CASA and Machine Listening topics (Satellite of DAFx'11 conference) are available

Dear all,

this was my great pleasure to organize a workshop about ASA, CASA and Machine Listening topics as a satellite workshop of the DAFx conference.

For those who are interested, the videos are available: http://anasynth.ircam.fr/home/blogs/lagrange/casa-workshop-dafx


Trevor Agus (Perceptual learning of novel sounds)

Josh McDermott (Sound texture perception via statistics of the auditory periphery)

Jon Barker (Probabilistic frameworks for Scene understanding)

Boris Defreville (Machine listening in everyday life)

Overall, the workshop was a success, and it is likely that the discussion will continue at the next ISMIR conference in Porto.

Best regards,

Mathieu Lagrange
CNRS Researcher (anasyn team @ Ircam)
Phone: ++33-1-4478 4871 | Fax: ++33-1-4478 1540