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New papers on SOAEs.

Dear colleagues,

In June I published a paper entitled "Cochlear evanescent liquid sound-pressure waves near localized oscillations of the basilar membrane" in the proceedings of Forum Acusticum 2011, Aalborg, pp. 1241-1246. To that paper I had added, shortly before the Aalborg conference, a note stating that the incompatibility of the proposed basilar-membrane (BM) oscillation model with Newton's law can be corrected by introduction of a periodic force exerted on the BM by active outer hair cells. That periodic force is described in the proceedings paper of my contribution to last week's annual meeting of the CAA at Quebec City, "Cochlear Evanescent Liquid Sound-Pressure Waves During Spontaneous Oto-Acoustic Emissions"; this second paper has just appeared in the journal Canadian Acoustics, Vol. 39 No. 3 (2011) 122-123.

Reinhart Frosch,
Dr. phil. nat.,
CH-5200 Brugg.
reinifrosch@xxxxxxxxxx .