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Four Alternative Auditory Feature test (FAAF) detailed scoring information needed

Hello all


I’m looking for an explanation of how canonical variable (CV) scores by frequency band (CVL, CVM, CVH) are calculated by the Four Alternative Auditory Feature test (FAAF; Foster & Haggard, 1987). CV scores ‘indicate the use of low, medium and high frequency information’, providing weighted error scores according to frequency region.


I have Foster & Haggard’s (1987) BJA article about the FAAF.  Though this article mentions CV scoring, it promises more detailed discussion of them in future (?) publications. I also have a 1986 IHR report by Foster & Haggard on the FAAF, which has the most detailed description of how CV scores are calculated (involving discriminant function analysis), but its not quite detailed enough. The report refers to a relevant Gatehouse paper which contains a description of CV score calculation, though this doesn’t seem to have made it to press (titled “Effects of asymmetric conductive hearing loss on auditory disability with various orientations of signal and noise”).


Any assistance would be much appreciated

Best wishes


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