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Re: looking for figure

p.253 of
Title	Sensation and perception
Author	E. Bruce Goldstein
Edition	7, illustrated
Publisher	Thomson Wadsworth, 2007
ISBN	0534558100, 9780534558109

At 10:45 PM -0500 11/9/11, Josh McDermott wrote:
Hi everyone,

I am trying to find a diagram of auditory system anatomy, to reprint
(with permission) in a book chapter. I want a figure like this:


that shows the key regions in their approximately correct locations in
a single cross-section, so that the locations relative to the rest of
the brain are apparent. I would need a higher resolution version of the
figure, which I found on this web page:
I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to contact the administrator
of the web page.

If anyone knows the origins of this figure, or can point me to
something similar, I would be grateful. The diagrams I have found in
most textbooks are not quite what I am looking for, in that they
typically do not show the anatomy in a single intact coronal brain
cross-section, and I haven't turned up anything else that meets my
needs by searching the web.