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Re: The height of the dummy head for MIT HRTF database

Thanks a lot for the information from all of you.
I got the situation well.

Thanks a lot again.

Best regards,

On 11/15/11, "Jelfs, Sam" <sam.jelfs@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The measurements were made in an Anechoic chamber, and as such the height from floor-to-ear should be insignificant as there should be very little in the way of floor reflection. The authors do note that reflections from apparatus exist, but not explicitly whether they are present in the 512-point HRIR.

From 'hrtfdoc.txt' as supplied with the database:

"The head response persists for several hundred
samples (subject to interpretation) and is followed by various
reflections off objects in the anechoic chamber (such as the KEMAR
turntable).  In order to reduce the size of the data set without
eliminating anything of potential interest, we decided to discard the
first 200 samples of each impulse response and save the next 512
samples.  Each HRTF response is thus 512 samples long.  Most
researchers will no doubt truncate this data further."

Kind Regards

Sam Jelfs

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Dear all,

Could anyone know the height (i.e., the distance between the entrance of ear of dummy head and the floor of the measurement room) of the dummy head during measuring MIT HRTF database? Since in the spcification of the database, only the distance (1.4m) between the loudspeaker and the center of dummy head is provided.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Best Regards,
Junfeng Li

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