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Re: binaural impulse responses request

I have my own database of impulse responses measured at elevation 0 for varying azimuth with a step of 2.5° and at 5 different distances (0.5, 1, 2, 4, 8 meter).
It has been realized during 2006 for my B.A. thesis with a custom made dummy head.
I have few problems with my server so for the download you will have to wait a bit but... I can keep you updated.
It is around 100 MB  (96 KHz 24 bit) but I also have all the original sessions made with protools, the original sine sweep, the recorded sweeps, the calibration measures and so on. So one can also try to obtain better impulses (the overall project is 11 GB).
If interested please drop me few lines and we can try to arrange a way to deliver the impulses.

Best regards,
Davide Andrea Mauro
Dottorando XXIV Ciclo
Laboratorio di Informatica Musicale (LIM)
Dipartimento di Informatica e Comunicazione (DICo)
Università degli Studi di Milano
Via Comelico 39/41
20135 Milano - Italy
Tel. +39 02 50316382
Fax +39 02 50316373
E-mail: mauro@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 

Il giorno 17/nov/2011, alle ore 11.43, Eleftheria Georganti ha scritto:

> Hi there,
> my name is Eleftheria Georganti and i am working with binaural signals lately… I would like to examine statistical properties (time/frequency domain) of binaural signals recorded in different types of rooms.
> I have already used some binaural room impulse responses (BRIR) that are available online  (Aachen database, Oldenburg Database, TKK database-Finland) for my research but it would help a lot if i had more data. 
> I was wondering if any of you is willing to share some binaural responses recorded in real rooms.. 
> BRIR measurements of any distance, orientation, in any room are welcome :-)
> Thanks for your time,
> Eleftheria
> -----
> Eleftheria Georganti
> PhD student
> Audio & Acoustics Technology group
> Electrical & Computer Engineering dep.
> University of Patras
> email: egeorganti@xxxxxxxxxx
> tel: +30 2610 996838