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Re: attenuator


There are hundreds of different "digital potentiometer" chips available to do this.
For example:

Dual 8 bit digital potentiometer ,3 wire serial port, clocked communications.

Accuracy is typically specified in parts/million. Â
You can use them directly on analog audio or use them to set gain of amplifier stage.
Communication software for this is trivial if you can flip a few bits on a computer port.

Dave Smith

On Nov 17, 2011, at 3:40 PM, PaweÅ KuÅmierek wrote:

Dear list,
I was wondering if you know of any commercialbly availableÂprecise digitally controlled (i.e., repeatable) attenuator with fast and quiet attenuation changing. Preferably, but not necessarily controlled via RS232.
All suggestions welcome,
Thank you,
Pawel Kusmierek